FreeKall Service not working anymore here’s why?

FreeKall, a free voice calling service started by three Engineering students of Bangalore for those who wants to call free without using internet applications like Skype, Viber , Nimbuzz and many more without data plan active in your mobile.

Making free call via FreeKall service is extremely easy. What you have to do is just call on this number 
  •  08067683693
Your call will get disconnected within one ring and then after a minute you will receive a call back which will ask to dial the number of the person to whom you want to call followed by # like you want to make a call to this number 9827198271 you will have to dial #9827198271 when you get the callback from Freekall.

Nobody gives anything for free. So what’s the catch in it?

The idea is simple when you are making free call through freekall you are generating revenue for freekall by listening to their audio clip ad when you are making call to your friend or someone inspite of hearing ring you would listen an audio clip advertisement. And then after every 2 minutes, both caller and receiver will hear 10 seconds audio clip ad. 

What’s the reason why freekall isn’t working any more?

The concept was really good but now why freekall isn’t working? The thing is that freekall was in beta testing stage in which many times their cloud-powered server crashed. They get a heck lot of response which they thought they wouldn’t get within a day of launch of their cloud service. For now they have closed the beta testing of the freekall and the freekall service will again get active from 15th april,2014. 
They closed their freekall service via the message below from

Dear Freekallers. We have completed our beta testing , so we are temporarily suspending our services please do not call any of our numbers it wont work. We will be back with final release of product with better features on April 15th. Please bear with us till then thanks for your amazing support keep it going thats the fuel for us to do things faster.

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