Free mobile recharge using Ypox

When it is for free, everybody wants it. is a free mobile recharging website which helps you to save your pocket money. Ypox has 2 ways through which you can make money and request for recharge in your mobile.

  1. Playing Quizzes
  2. Sending Sms

In Quiz menu there are 3 category quiz.

  • 25 General knowledge question with 4 options to select from for each correct answer you will be awarded with 2 paise but if you choose wrong answer you will still be awarded with 0.5 paise. So, if you choose 3 wrong answers and 1 correct answer for 1 question you will awarded in total for 1 question will be 3.5 paise[0.5 paise * 3 + 2 paise *1] and for 25 question you will awarded 87.5 paise [0.5 paise * 75 + 2 paise * 25]
  • 25 Film industry related question which too will help you to earn 87.5 paise and have 25 question
  • 25 Image identify related questiion which too will help you to earn 87.5 paise and contains the same number of quiz question i.e. 25 question

So, by playing all three quiz in total answering all the 75 questions you will have in your ypox wallet will be Rs 2.625

 Sending sms through Ypox portal

Ypox gives only 5 sms for the day but still you can increase your ypox wallet by 10 paise by sending all 5 sms and in return for that you will be awarded 2 paise for each sms you send.

So, in a day by playing Quizzes and sending sms using Ypox you can make Rs 2.725 in your wallet for a single day.So, till four days if you continue playing quizzes and sending sms you will reach 10rs in your wallet then you can recharge your any mobile with Rs. 10 topup. See below my Ypox earnings.

In addition to this ypox gives Rs. 2 for signing up, Rs.1 for verifying your email and 25p for 1 day bonus. ypox gives daily bonus of 25p, 20p and 15p till 7 days when you signed up for ypox. You can also earn Re.1 by referring your friends or family too. Ypox conditions for requesting recharge in your mobile is to have minimum Rs.10 in your ypox wallet and you can recharge your mobile upto Rs.100 maximum.

So, Boys and Girls recharge your mobile for free using signup now.

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