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In India where a campaign has been launched to #savetheinternet as TRAI [Telecom Regulatory Authority of India] is going to pass the rule where the telecom operators of India can charged users separately for Over the top services [OTT]  which are offered by whatsapp , facebook messenger, viber , skype and many more. Just take an example you have recharged your mobile with a internet pack  and you want to use whatsapp or any OTT services you will be charged separately for that . This kind of rule Indian telecom operators want TRAI to pass it. For now you need not to worry about it as TRAI is receiving many complaints about it after a campaign launched by Indian youtube channel to spread the awareness like you go to AIB youtube channel to know about #savetheinternet. People are fighting for Net Neutrality

Well that was quite enough detail what would happen if TRAI passes the rule to let Telecom operators to charge for OTT services separately in the upcoming days. Now we are going to explore How you can browse anonymously, access country restriction content or unblock websites which is blocked in your workplace or college Wifi.

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How to get Free 1 year steganos online shieldvpn

Steganos Online Shield VPN

First of all let be clarify it is not Hotspot shieldvpn if you wondering about it is a new ShieldVPN brought to you by Steganos online.Steganos online provides 2 GB per month traffic for a whole 1 year meaning you get 24 GB data of VPN services for free. Key features that Steganos Online ShieldVPN provides :

  • Security from Hackers
  • Safe browsing over public Wifi HotSpot
  • Access country restricted content by changing your location online
  • Access internet anonymously
  • Block Ads
  • Prevent social tracking
  • Automatically erase cookies and many more

Step : 1 – Open this promotion from Steganos online

Step : 2 – Enter your Email address where it says Request Serial Number.

Step : 3 – Check your Email inbox , there you will get an email from Steganos Software GmbH giving you serial key for Steganos Online Shield VPN.

Step :  4 – That’s it download the ShieldVPN software and enter the key. Now you enjoying Premium VPN services for free.

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