Free Airtel 3G and GPRS using DroidVPN

There is always a trick for Airtel whether it was the year 2009 we use proxy trick which we are still famous or whether it was 2011 where people finally get aware of VPNs that we can actually tweak mobile network to get free internet using VPN software which are in trend now a day because using a VPN trick gives you the experience of paid internet all websites and as well as blocked website gets open using vpn trick. So, today we are going to openly post a vpn trick for mobile through DroidVPN which is working in January 2014 and is likely to be working in February too you just have to find right proxy to work with and DroidVPN is powered by the people behind famous PD-Proxy VPN software.

How to tweak Airtel network for free GPRS and 3G using DroidVPN

First all of DroidVPN is a Android Software which requires root access and tun.ko install for all Android smartphones running below Android 4.0 Ice-cream sandwich. Android Mobile whether it  runs on Android 4.0, Jellybean and Kitkat doesnot requires root access to run DROIDVPN.

  • Use the default setting MOBILE OFFICE or Default apn

Configure DroidVPN for free airtel internet

  • Open DroidVPN

  • Create an account if you already don’t have it otherwise login

  • Goto Setting

  • Then select use protocol TCP

  • Goto Proxy use this setting : or

  • Port : 3128

  • Now goto http headers setting and create this setting given below


  • Save this setting and connect it with any of the free server in DroidVPN

Now Enjoy free GPRS and 3G in your Airtel Android Mobile and remember using free server in DroidVPN only gives 100MB so I advice you guys to create as much account as you can in DroidVPN and disconnect before 80MB and connect with differnet DROIDVPN account or buy premium account of DroidVPN.

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  1. Hey i need help whenevr I try to connect with hidemyass proxy it doesn’t connecting. What should be done to get connected. Please teach me

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