[Explained] Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice New Trailer

Batman V/s Superman new trailer was released at comic-con and believe me I have watched the trailer more than 50 times and will probably watch again. Below you can see the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official SDCC Trailer

Superman Summoned to the US Embassy

It gives you Goose Bumps the minute the trailer starts off where superman is summoned to US Embassy for the action that happened in the Black Zero[ The fight between General Zod and superman takes place in the Man of steel]. Holly Hunter’s as senator who questions superman for the destruction of the metropolis city.

Superman summoned to the us embassy

Bruce Wayne was nearby when Black Zero event happened

In the next still you see Bruce Wayne walking towards the destruction of his building Wayne financial saving a little girl. Bruce Wayne is seriously pissed off of the fight which brought so many deaths including some of his employees and friends who were in the building at the time of black zero event.

Batman V Superman gives a detail insight about Bruce Wayne

Bruce wayne save a child

As the trailer progress we get to see more details about batman. We get the obligatory scene How Bruce wayne parents were killed when he was a child and funeral ceremony for his parents. We have Jeremy Irons playing the role of Alfred quoting

That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.

Even we a glimpse of Joker graffiti on Newspaper cut which says “You let your family Die” and a suit which probably would be of Robin full of Joker’s graffiti saying Ha ha ha, joke’s on you Batman!

Gal Gadnot as Wonder Woman. She Looks a total badass.

Gal Gadot as wonder woman

We see Batman teaming up with Wonder Woman to take off/destroy Superman as in Bruce Wayne’s word Superman is capable of wiping off the human race altogether. Such power is dangerous for human kind to survive.
We also get a glimpse of Lex Luthor with his full-blown hair unlike in comic where he is bald. Luthor and senator are talking to each other where Lex says

“Do you know the oldest lie in the American history” – Devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky.

Lex Luthor keeping the kryptonite which he or his team found in the ocean somewhere. And he seems to have the death body of the General Zod.

Superman trashing the Bat mobile

Superman rips off the viper of batmobile
At the last we superman ripping of Batmobile where batman stand straight and look superman in the eye. This scene is epic. The two superheroes who were best friends in the comics are now enemies in the DC upcoming movies Batman V/S Superman

What Author’s opinion about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie ?

I like the way How DC and Warner brothers are building the DC cinematic universe from the event of Black Zero. How for every action there are consequences. DC is taking a much darker approach to its movies unlike Marvel films which are light weight, packed with action sequences and some comedy with that.6th May 2016 is sure the date in India to look for featuring some of the Justice league founding members Superman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man and of course Batman.

The last scene where in the #trailer we see the fight off between the dark knigh and man of steel. We get some interesting dialouge which sure will make your mind gets blown. Lex Luthor in the background.

Black and blue, god vs man, day vs night!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice release date

  • 23th March 2015, in USA
  • 6th May 2015, in India

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