[Exclusive] How to Get Facebook New Newsfeed before its launch

Facebook, in this coming up days  is going to launch ” The new Newsfeeds ” which is less clutter, distractive and gives more spotlight on what your friends are sharing. They too have recently integrated new features like facebook graph search and new Facebook Home which will transform your Android Smartphone to a smartphone design for facebook which will make everything on your phone facebook friendly.

The new facebook NewsFeed  aim is to make your newsfeed all about your friends by redesigning their stories to bring it in spotlight like Thumbnails of photos shared by our friends we see are of the same size but after this update you will see thumbnails of different sizes in your newsfeed waiting to get your attention. Facebook new left sidebar is much similar to what we see in Google+ which on clicking gets expands. People who share the same link gets their name on their post but after the news feed redesign update you can also see  the photos of the people who have shared the same link on facebook.

Facebook has moved beyond from cluttering content or creating a mess-up of stories, photos,videos and links into beautiful rich preview of content like tiny thumbnail gets bigger and more vibrant. Whenever you will share the link of any articles it will have rich preview or excerpt of it embedded in the link you share it. Where you just checked it will be seen in Maps with much larger display it will be like moving from 20 inch TV screen to wider screen TV of 50-60 inches. Facebook has implemented any other new feature through you can customise your facebook homepage like if you only want to see latest photos uploaded by your friends just customise your newsfeed to photos just like it you can newsfeed to following to get only the updates from the people whom you are following, All friends to get only updates from friends, Music to listen songs and news about music artist, Groups to get  all new blog post from the groups you have joined.

Facebook is also going to unifying the experience you surf facebook through mobile phones, tablets, desktops and various other gadgets so that you do not feel alienated when you switch your gadget as moving from tablet to computer.

How to Get new facebook newsfeed before its official launch

If you want to get your hands onto the facebook new design before facebook officially enrolls to everyone follow the below the tutorial or if you don’t want to get the new FB new design before its launch but want to know when its going to launch the new look  then goto facebook.com/about/newsfeed and Join the waitlist to get the new homepage for the web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

    • Goto  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-facebook-news-feed/oefbdemjhadgpcckinpnimbnbecamaoj?hl=en-US and install New Facebook News Feed chrome extension


  • Activate the extension by going to chrome://extensions/ if not already activated



  • Login to  facebook.com and enjoy new look of facebook newsfeed



  • If your new facebook look is little bugging or contents/fb stories are messed just open facebook to new tab


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