Download Peoples VPN for free anonymous internet on PC, Android and iPhone

PeoplesVPN is just like any other VPN [ Virtual Private Network ] services which protects your online identity and let you browse internet Anonymously. It  helps to unlock websites like facebook, twitter and youtube which are mainly blocked in Colleges, Schools and at work to increase person’s productivity at work. Peoples VPN services can also be used to browse websites which are based only for USA citizens as its free server you get USA IP.

Updated : Peoples VPN no longer in service?

PeoplesVPN team has shutdown their vpn services. The website has also expired. So, as of now you cannot registration or login in peoples vpn software or website.

What I use PeoplesVPN for?

  • It helps me to unlock websites like hulu and watch country restricted Youtube videos.
  • Gives much better speed even using the free server.
  • The most important thing it gives me free internet access on ISP [Internet Service Provider] without paying for internet data plans as it supports Open UDP Ports :  53, 68, 80, 139, 9201 and open TCP 443

How to use PeoplesVPN ?

First of all, You need to signup for PeoplesVPN. Enter username, password and contact info to register in peoplesvpn in a second. In contact info it is not necessary to enter your email address as it doesnot send email confirmation/verification link. In contact info you can write either your  Name, email address or anything you want. After registering you will be taken to client page where it contains your login details. The free account can be used only for 5 days so, don’t forget to register again to use peoplesvpn.

Download PeoplesVPN for free

  • Peoplesvpn for Windows » Download
  • Peoplesvpn for Android and iPhone »  Download Config

How to use PeoplesVpn on windows ?

Extract PVPN.rar using winrar or any other extracter which does the job done.
Then, Goto PVPN » PVPN APRIL 6 VERSION » PeoplesVPN Premium » data » config » 
You will find a txt file named as “Password.txt” in the config folder, Edit it.
Replace username and password text with your peoplesvpn login credentials save the file and Run PeoplesVPN as administrator which is the important part as it requires Administrator privileges to work. 



Connect with any of the FreeServerA- from peoplesVPN server UPD : 137, 53, 68, 80, 9201 and TCP : 443. Donot Connect any of the premium servers as it will say authorisation failed. And atlast, PeoplesVPN ” VPN for the People” .


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  1. the peoplesvpn is working with airtel bbm trick but its not connecting with android openvpn or featvpn plz share how to connect how to connect airtel blackberry trick with vpn in android

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