Docomo 1call/day customer care rule

Docomo being one of the most successful telecom company which make its root in india with its unique strategy of introducing  1paise/sec call rates. But from the time of its launching and up to today we have seen many changes in other telecom operators plans and traffic vouchers too which forces them to follow docomo leads.

Since we all know that calling customer care of any network costs 50p/3min. But most of us don’t know that there’s a limit of how many times in a day you can call to customer care.

Like in Airtel we get to call to customer care 3 times a day atmost which is unfair because sometimes talking to customer care the phone gets disconnect when they say the customer to be on hold while they check the details of his airtel mobile. Sometimes it even gets worse you get to call the care only once in a day after that you get an automated message like

Our all customer care representative are busy at the moment. Dial *121#  about Airtel offers and services.

Then as soon as the message gets over you can’t do  anything other then calling from other’s Airtel number or leaving comment to their website or at their Facebook page.

Just like the same is the case with DOCOMO customer care in which you get to call once in day according to its customer representative as they take call on priority basis saying that only a single call is enough for a day to solve customer query or problem.

Maybe if you are lucky you get to call docomo helpline number atmost 3 times a day. After that if you want to call again to “198 it like airtel also gives an recording message

All our customer care representative are busy for more information and query please contact us at

which is also unfair as sometimes we need to clarify our further query which can’t be solve in one single call. Most of the time in a day our balance gets deducted unwanted twice or thrice in a day. Lets see that we get refund of the first deduction but what about the other balance deduction which happen after few hours later calling to customer care as our calls won’t be receive by “198” service representatives.

Now you are left with three choices

  • Either you can call docomo customer care through your friends number or anybodyelse number
  • Wait for another one day to call them
  • write docomo an email at “” and hoping that they would reply

If all the above three options aren’t suitable for you or you want to have an actual conversation upto unlimited times until your query/problem is solved you can go for two of the following options below:

1. Chat online

Though docomo don’t let you call more than 3 times a day but you can still sort out your all problems with docomo online chat support which is available at page at the bottom which says chat support or you can go to this link for docomo online customer care

2. Docomo toll free number

Yes, docomo do have an 1800 toll free number which can be called unlimited times a day. But to call in this toll free you have to use any other network mobile like airtel, idea etc [except docomo]. Docomo customer care toll free numbers are

  • 1800-266-0000
  • 1800-266-121

But to sort out your problems related to balance deduction, service activation or any VAS service they would ask to verify your number by asking whom the sim number is registered and a couple of question related to number verification.

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