Do Free voice calling from Facebook messenger

Facebook after the big acquisition of Whatsapp and the new privacy setting update for Whatsapp. Facebook is moving one step ahead and is introducing its free voice calling feature in India to Facebook messenger for Android, Windows and iPhone. In this post we are going to show you “How to make voice call using facebook”.
Calling through Facebook won’t cost any balance deduction from your mobile. The only deduction will be from your Mobile current data plan unless you are using Facebook Messenger from any public WiFi.

facebook messenger app download

  • Android –
  • iOS –
  • Windows phone –

How to Get free Call option in Facebook Messenger.

  • Open or Install Facebook Messenger  in your Android | iphone | Windows.
  • Tap in any of your active friends in facebook messenger.
  • You will see all the conversations you have with your friend.
  • Click on the option in the messenger.
  • There you will see a Free Call option. Click on it and enjoy free calling via FB messenger.

Note:  If you are not getting the free call option in your android, iOS and windows phone update the version of facebook messenger via Google Play, Apple itune store and windows store.

Why I am not getting the free call option?

The version from which FB messenger supports voice calling is from 4.0+. You cannot make voice call to your friend in facebook if your friends/family is not online or running an older version of messenger app in iphone or android device. You will probably get a black icon in the free call black icon which means you can’t make a free voip call.

Make sure that the facebook free call icon is Blue. So, that you can make a free voip calls through facebook messenger.

Remember: facebook video calling is not yet out for the messenger. You can only make free facebook video call using desktop version only.

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