Compress and save bandwidth using Opera Max

Opera Software has yet again outdone itself. I remember the first I installed opera mini on my Nokia 6300 back in 2007. It was very fast as compared to the default browser. Though Opera mini did ran out of memory time to time. But what can you do about it Opera mini certainly cannot handle number of open tabs beyond a certain limit due to which it needs to clear the memory.

Opera software has come a long way. Upto this day many phones I changed but one thing remain constant is Opera mini. I liked Opera mini because of its speed. It compress whole webpage to deliver the page at user end at blazing fast speed from images to font.

Opera Software ASA has given a new app Opera Max which I for very long time felt a need. Opera mini does a very good but what about other mobile apps.


Opera Max is a data management and data saving which is not only free it also saves your bandwidth by compressing videos, photos, media and more on almost all apps installed on mobiles and every website you open in your browser.

The best thing about Opera Max is that it saves your internet data when you are on a limited data plan.

It can also block unnecessary which takes up your internet connection which have no real value to you.

Suppose you have activated a app oriented pack like whatsapp pack from your internet service provider which you won’t be charged for using whatsapp. But at the same time when your internet data is ON. Other apps install on your mobile continue to use mobile data which incur your extra charge . For those app you can simply block it away using opera max.

The user interface of opera max is very easy to connect . Opera Max connects to cloud to save internet bandwidth and compress all the content. Opera Max new update allow users to compress media content when your android device is connected to Wi-Fi networks.

There is international giveaway running which is sponsored by Opera software in which you can have a chance to win Galaxy S6 , Galaxy S6 Edge and LG G4. Opera Max is running trendy on Instagram and twitter as #DataEaters. To Enter into the worldwide giveaway.

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