ByteBX is down over worldwide

Yes, Folks you see it right the popular torrent leeching website is now down or you can say that bytebx is not working anymore. It has gone offline on 18th July,2015 and since then it is inaccessible.

ByteBX is not opening/working

You can’t access bytebx from your computer. Don’t worry the same is happening for everybody worldwide or across the globe where it was available previously. No body can login to their bytebx premium or free account. The website has never be offline for than a day or so. It could be the end of the famous torrent direct downloading which caches the torrent files pretty fast other than zbigz and also gives a much better downloading speed.

To double-check if Bytebx is only down for us or for everybody. We ran a check through which tells if a website is down or live/Up.

The result that gave us was that bytebx is actually down. For a website to work properly to the user end side it should give 200 OK HTTP status code as a response to the web browser which in Bytebx case is not.


Why ByteBx is not working?

As of now there is no official word from bytebx either from their Facebook or twitter page. The most probable reason for not unavailable right now could be :

  • It’s web server is down
  • Overloaded by handling too much requests from end-user side
  • Could be network problem [unreachable] from bytebx’s internet provider
  • Bytebx is simply planning to upgrade their website or are patching bugs in their system
  • It could be under maintenance right now
  • Their hosting provider could be down for now’
  • Incorrect DNS configurations settings or DNS lookup problem

When will ByteBX be online?

As of right now we don’t now when it will be live again or whether it will be ever online again so that you can download torrent files direct using IDM.

What to do as ByteBX has gone offline?

You can use alternate torrent download websites which are :


If it becomes online again we will inform you. Be sure to check this space. If you know any other torrent downloading website share us in the comment section.

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