5 reasons to install UCweb Browser

Ucweb Browser one of the popular mobile web browser which has recently crossed the landmark of 400 million users and is considering to open its second HeadQuater in India after China is one of the coolest mobile web browser and I am going to  share with you “Top 5 Reasons why should you install UCweb in your smartphone and Tablet “

1. Opens 20 Tabs without crashing

Well, now these days every browser comes with a feature to open multi-tabs at a time. But those browser don’t survive the challenge of more than 5 tabs at a time and often gets crashed or ask you to reload the page saying that they have cleared the page to save memory and which in turns affect your internet plan’s data usage. UCweb offers to open atmost 20 tabs at a time without asking you to reload the page or without crashed away when switching from one tab to another.

2. Download Manager

Yes, its a common feature in all mobile web browser but the feature they lacks is efficient way of  Pausing, Resuming and Cancelling the file when downloading. Even after you have left the file paused in the middle of downloading for weeks when you again download the file it has the capability that it can resume the same file from the middle unlike Opera mini.

3. Saves battery life

Browsing internet on mobile definitely drains a lot of battery from the phone but UCweb is designed efficiently not to consume much battery of the phone and by not asking of high mobile resources to operate and that’s the beauty of UCweb that it can be install on phone with the lowest specifications.

4. Night mode

This is the USP of UCweb browser. Even you can decrease the brightness of your phone it lightens few things when there is no light around. Youngsters these days are often fond of chatting, surfing and downloading mostly at night and in that scenario they don’t want to disturb the next person sleeping and thus Night mode feature comes in handy. UcWeb Night Mode not only uses very less battery but also causes very less pain and stress in the eyes.

5. Documents Preview

Not to mention it has got inbuilt file manager which helps to previews documents and archives file types like doc, xls, pdf, ppt, zip and rar

UCweb Download list for Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS

Android UC Browser (U3 kernel) »  Download [Full apks Setup]
Download UCweb BlackBerry for BlackBerry OS 4.7, OS 4.5 , OS 4.2 
UC Browser for iPhone/iPod Touch »  Download 
[For iOS 5.x with JailBreak] »  Download 
Ucweb for windows smartphones » WP7.5 mango handset  »  UC Browser for WP8

Download Ucweb Symbian Version

Symbian^3 : Nokia N8
Symbian S60v5 : Nokia 5800
Symbian S60v3 : Nokia N73
Symbian S60v2 : Nokia N70
Symbian S60v1 : Nokia N-Gage

Download UCweb Browser for Java Mobiles

Ucweb Version : supports all high end java smartphones and some symbian phones too

Universal version for Java » Download  
Java Signed version » Download
Samsung Java » Download  customised specially for Java supported Samsung phones

Ucweb Version : designed to be smaller in size.

Cloud version for Java » Download  Cloud gives superfast mobile experience without using much of mobile resources
Cloud signed version for Java »  Download

Ucweb Version : designed specially For low-memory(128K) Java phones

Lite version for Java »  Download
Signed Lite version for Java » Download  

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