5 features of Google Chrome you won’t know

Google Chrome is the #1 Web Browser used by millions of millions of people . I too also fall in the list. Chrome with number of features which are still unknown to large of people. In this article i am going to highlight those features which you don’t already know.

1. Pin Tab

Pin tab allows you to open as many as pages as with the page title not occuping any space of the tab. The tab now only occupies as little space so that Favicon of the website comes in it which would help you to distinguish among different pages open in many tabs

2. Duplicate Tab

Are you lazy and want to open the same page in new tab and don’t want to write website address bar. Here comes for your rescue the duplicate tab. It automatically duplicate the exisiting page which you have opened.

3. Task Manager

You would be shock to know that Chrome comes up with its own “Task Manager” which allows you to see which page tab is using how much memory and CPU. It even allows to close tabs by selecting the desire tab you want to close and by clicking End Process.

4.  Calculator

One of the still unknown feature is that chrome can be used to calculate. Just type any addition and multiplication problem and chrome will solve it. Try by your self type 54-8+5 in address

5. Chrome:// (Command)

Chrome Commands are the shortcuts to access information about the chrome version you are using like command
Displays which version of chrome you are using
Displays the memory used by pages and apps run in background
Opens Bookmark Manager
Displays cache stored in chrome
Displays stored dns of websites
Shows the installed plugins in chrome
Opens setting page

If you able more hidden features of google chrome which haven’t yet brought into light. Let us know.

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