How to use Userscripts in Google chrome

As we all know that Google chrome by default doesnot run userscripts or chrome extensions when downloaded outside from chrome store. But like in Android smartphones we have the options to run apps from unknown sources that means the Apps downloaded outside from Google Play just like that we can install/run userscripts in chrome by … Continue reading “How to use Userscripts in Google chrome”

BadOo 4th largest social networking Site review

Yes, People there is yet another popular social networking website which we are not acquaintance which holds Alexa ranking as of now #143 worldwide is the 4th largest social networking website after facebook, Google+ and twitter as its current user population is 180+ million. What is all about? BadOo is both social networking … Continue reading “BadOo 4th largest social networking Site review”

Unblock restricted Websites using PD-Proxy VPN

In Schools, Colleges and offices social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google+ and youtube are mainly been blocked so that the person don’t get too much indulge in his online social life and neglecting the things that matters a lot like completion of project in a given timelime, meeting with the people in real world … Continue reading “Unblock restricted Websites using PD-Proxy VPN”

Download Peoples VPN for free anonymous internet on PC, Android and iPhone

PeoplesVPN is just like any other VPN [ Virtual Private Network ] services which protects your online identity and let you browse internet Anonymously. It ¬†helps to unlock websites like facebook, twitter and youtube which are mainly blocked in Colleges, Schools and at work to increase person’s productivity at work. Peoples VPN services can also … Continue reading “Download Peoples VPN for free anonymous internet on PC, Android and iPhone”

5 reasons to install UCweb Browser

Ucweb Browser one of the popular mobile web browser which has recently crossed the landmark of 400 million users and is considering to open its second HeadQuater in India after China is one of the coolest mobile web browser and I am going to  share with you “Top 5 Reasons why should you install UCweb … Continue reading “5 reasons to install UCweb Browser”