5 features of Google Chrome you won’t know

Google Chrome is the #1 Web Browser used by millions of millions of people . I too also fall in the list. Chrome with number of features which are still unknown to large of people. In this article i am going to highlight those features which you don’t already know. 1. Pin Tab Pin tab … Continue reading “5 features of Google Chrome you won’t know”

Chronicl “The Coolest” Responsive Blogger Template

We at TweakClub earlier had  done a review about Chronicl The funniset thesis skin ever. As Thesis Skins are well known for there excellent page loading time and highly SEO optimised for WordPress Blogs.  At that time when we reviewed Chronicl was not a responsive wordpress theme. But now Alex the owner of Kolakube has finally created the … Continue reading “Chronicl “The Coolest” Responsive Blogger Template”