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10 things to Know about Jio Summer Surprise offer

Reliance Jio which was about to charge customer from 1st April,17 made some changes in their existing strategy which we have compiled in this article – 10 things to Know about Jio Summer Surprise offer

  1.  Jio Prime Deadline

Last date to enroll in Jio Prime Membership which was earlier 31st March,17 got extended till 15th April,17. Cost of Jio Prime Membership Plan for 1 year is Rs.99 and it is a one-time recharge only.

2. Customer Enrolled in Jio Prime

Jio Chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani said in a Press release statement that 72 Million (7,20,000) customers have enrolled in Jio Prime. The Number is still growing with the extension of 15 days more might raise the count to 100 million.

3. Jio Summer Surprise

In Jio Summer Surprise you get 3 months of free complimentary Jio Services .To get Jio Summer Surprise offer, You need to recharge your Jio number with Rs.99 Jio Prime Membership and Rs.303 or more data plan.

After you have recharged with both plans. You will get a message saying Thank you for being a founding member of the Jio Movement. Enjoy Complimentary Jio sevice for 3 months with Jio Summer Surprise.

4. Rs. 149 Jio Data Plan

Those you have enrolled in Jio Prime and recharged their number with Rs.149 data plan will not get Jio Summer Surprise offer.

What to do get Jio Summer Surprise. If I already had paid for Rs.149?

To avail Jio Summer Surprise offer, they need to recharge with Rs.303 or more.

5. Rs. 303 Jio Plan

Those who have recharged their number with Rs.303 data plan will get Unlimited voice Calling, 100 SMS per day and Jio app services. Also, 1GB/day for four months till July ( 3 months Jio Summer surprise + 1 Month Rs.303 plan).

How to get Jio Summer Surprise offer. When I have already recharged my number with Rs.303 or Rs.499?

You need not to do anything. You number will be auto-upgraded to Jio Summer Surprise offer.

6. Rs.499 Jio Plan

Those who recharged their Jio number with Rs.99 Jio Prime + Rs.499 data plan will get 2GB/day data for four months till July. Users who recharge with Rs.499 prior to 15th April will 2GB/day instead of 1GB/day for four months.

Those who recharge with data plans other than Rs.149,Rs.303 and Rs.499 will also get Jio Summer surprise but with different data consumption offer provided they recharge with higher denomination than Rs.499.

Rs.999, Rs.1999, Rs.4999 and Rs.9999 – 100GB data for 90 days with no daily FUP data limit

7. No Booster Plan (Offer)

Though Jio has extended the date to enroll in Jio Prime Membership plan. The Booster data plan offer of Rs.201 and Rs.301 are taken out of Rs.303 and Rs.499 data plan. So, users who recharge with Rs.303 and Rs.499 plan after 31st March will not get additional booster plan for free instead they will be upgrade to Jio Summer Surprise offer.

Those who recharge their number before 1st April,17 who got Jio Booster plan will be able to user after Jio Summer Surprise plan expires.

8. No Jio Prime and Jio Summer Surprise offer

What If I donot enroll in Jio Prime Membership?

If you do not recharge with Rs.99 and Rs.303 plan before 15th April,17. You account will be marked as Jio Non-Prime member and your account will not be upgraded to Jio summer surprise. Even after that if you want to use Jio services. You can recharge with the same plan of Rs.149, Rs.303 and Rs.499 but the benefit won’t be the same as Jio Prime Member.

9. No Jio Recharge

What if I don’t do any kind of recharge in my Jio number after 15th April?

There is no concrete news about this. But some reports says that after 90 days, your Jio number will be discontinued and till then you will only be able to receive calls to your number.

10. Recharge Booster Plan

These are 5 Jio booster plan available

  1. Rs.11 – 0.1 GB
  2. Rs.51 – 1 GB
  3. Rs.91 – 2 GB
  4. Rs.201 – 5 GB
  5. Rs.301 –  10 GB

How to use Jio Booster Data plan?

Lets say, you have recharged with Rs.301 – 10 GB booster plan. You have consumed your daily limit of 1GB or 2GB per day. Then after if you consume more data, Jio Booster plan will kick in. Let you use additional 3GB than your daily FUP data limit. The 3GB data will get deduct from your Booster plan. And now you have 7GB left which you can consume another day till the validity of data plan of Rs.303, Rs. 499 and other Jio data plan.

Extra : No Night unlimited 4G Data

Yes, Unlimited Night 4G data [2:00 to 4:00 AM] won’t get carry over to Jio Summer Surprise offer. It’s big blow to users who used this Night unlimited 4G data without speed restriction to download files bigger than 1GB or simply upload large video file to Youtube.

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